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Buckwallow Trail Map


Trail Description:
25km loops of hard-packed wide ski trails connected to a series of 11 singletrack sections of varying length and difficulty. Lots of choice here, with singletrack ranging from fast and smooth, to downright nasty! Beginner sections include: Eager Beaver, Border Run and Pine Pitch. Intermediate sections include: Cliffhanger, Moose Mayhem and I’ll Be Buck. More difficult technical and fitness singletrack includes: Bear Bluff, Do Drop In and Spur Line. Beautifully maintained trails featuring bridges, rocks, mud, roots and water for those who enjoy the more serious side of the sport; but still offer plenty of beginner style riding to.

How to get there:
North on highway 11 past Gravenhurst and then follow signs for the KOA campgrounds. Buckwallow is adjacent to the camp and has trail maps at the main



Trail Description:
A veritable Christmas gift for mountain bikers. All trails were built by employees of the local bike shop, and are all built in the North Shore style of trail building. Lots of twisty singletrack loops that all join back to one main loop. You can go for as long or as short as you want to go, and join loops together to make one big ride. A great place to ride, but not for the faint of heart nor unskilled. Expect steep drops, log rides, and technical terrain not typical of your “neighborhood” trail.

How to get there:

North on highway 11 past Gravenhurst. Exit highway 118 towards Bracebridge. Turn left on to Santa’s Village Road. Santa’s Village is approximately 4km down the road and the mountain bike park is across the street.